How to Write a Wholesale Real Estate Contract Template


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Hi! You’re probably here looking for free wholesale contract templates for real estate. Here you can download both the wholesale purchase and assignment contract in word format.

Please consult an attorney if you plan to use these forms. They are for educational purposes only. I make no claim to their validity or know who authored them. They are listed here as a helpful example, please consult your escrow and title company and closing attorney before using these as your starting point. 

Wholesale Real Estate Contract Template

Real Estate Assignment Contract Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this contract work?

Yes, its been used by many real estate investors to complete a transaction

How do I complete a wholesale contract template?
You will place the sellers information and all property details and legal descriptions into the contract.
How do I find the legal description of a property?

You will need to use a title search software or service. Once you input the address this information will populate.

Can I adjust this contract to work for my needs?
Yes, it is entirely editable.
Does the assignment contract work?
Yes, this contract has been used by counteless real estate investors to assign their deal.
This contract doesn't say its assignable, how come?
The contract allows for assignment. “Buyers final vesting to be determined in escrow” means the same thing but is worded much more professionally.
What if a seller has a problem with something in the contract?
Fix the issue. The most important thing is to ensure the seller is comfortable. If that means removing an item in the contract, I would recommend doing it.

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