Selling Your House in San Diego To a “We Buy Houses” Company – FAQ’s

Looking for guidance for selling your house in San Diego? Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding selling to a “we buy houses’ company. Should you have a question that isn’t answered here, please call us (858)264-1900 or fill in the contact us form. We’ll respond quickly to help answer any questions you may have.

1. Who are you & What Exactly do you do?

We are Tim & Sara Gordon, owners of Gordon Enterprises (Gordon Buys Homes) a reputable and legitimate home buying company. Based in San Diego, California we have been in business since 2012.

Our “About us” and “Our Company” pages will give you a FULL introduction to who we are personally and as a company.

We pay cash for houses in San Diego, California it doesn’t matter the condition. Not only do we love buying homes, we enjoy talking about real estate. So if you have a question and don’t know who to turn to, give us a call. You don’t have to be selling us a home for us to help with an unbiased opinion.

2. What do Cash Home Buyers do?

We are real estate investors, with the available funds to buy homes in San Diego without appraisors, banks or third parties. We buy homes in San Diego, if you are looking for options to skip using a realtor and get to business we can quickly provide a value with no obligation.

There are various reasons why this route could be a good fit for you. Less time spent trying to repair an old property that really needs a full renovation. Allowing more privacy and less visitors to a home you’d like to sell. Saving paying realtors fees when you know the homes value and think you could locate a buyer yourself (which you’ve just done!)

3. Is a “We Buy Houses” Company a Good fit for me?

If someone has found us online, we know they’ve done their research. Most sellers we work with are looking to avoid the song and dance associated with using a realtor. If we can make a cash offer that is good enough to make it not worth going the traditional route, it can be a perfect fit and there’s plenty of bonuses too.

Not having to fix up, clean out, or repair anything makes the process that much easier. Why not simply discount for those issues and save the hassle, this step is one of the most tiresome in the home selling process with a realtor. Those “request to repair” and “request for buyer credit” forms are every sellers worst nightmare.

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4. Why Should I Choose Your Company?

We hope through the hard work we’ve put in for over a decade in this business, that we are the BEST choice. But if we aren’t, that is ok. We love this business and the people we meet and because we truly enjoy what we do there are NO EXPECTATIONS.

There are plenty of home buying companies online, but we are different. You know who we are, you know what we look like and when you call, you are talking directly to the owner of the company. With over a decade of experience buying homes in San Diego our reputation speaks for itself.

We have over 100 five star reviews backing up how important it is for us to leave a home seller thrilled they chose to work with us. We work hard to ensure we appraoch is property and seller with kindness, honesty and a helpful attitude. Take a moment and check out “Our Company” and “About Us” pages and our “How it Works” page. To help you get to know us and our home buying process.

5. How does the Home Buying Process Work?

Lets take a look…

Part 1 – Gathering Information

Call us or submit your information in one of our secure forms. We will contact you right away in your preferred method of communication. We will have a brief discussion, listening to you to learn about your goals. Also learning about your property and situation, then answer any questions you might have and offer some guidance for you on your home selling journey. We do not recommend taking a cash offer if we don’t think its in your best interest.

Part 2 – Getting a Cash Offer

You’re ready for an offer, so lets talk numbers. We can provide a value range over the phone to quickly get you a feel for where an offer likely lands. If the offer range works for you we visit the property and within 24 hours have a written cash offer ready for you to accept.

Part 3 – Reviewing Your Cash Offer

Our purchase agreement is simple and outlines all the important terms (price, no repairs, no realtor fees, no closing costs) and you can even have it reviewed prior to agreeing to sell.

Part 4 – Closing the Sale & Getting Paid

The simplest part, escrow handles all paperwork and will invite you into their office to sign and provide instructions on how to receive the proceeds of the sale.

 6. Do I Need to Clean, Remove or fix Anything Before I Sell?

You don’t!

Boxes, trash, debris, halfway done projects, bad landscaping, termite repairs etc…. You don’t have to do a thing. Let us explain why…

We love making homes brilliant, there isn’t a detail we miss. What that means is we prefer doing EVERYTHING. Your home is worth more to us without any extra work done to it. We will be completing full renovations and don’t mind handling those repairs. This is how we create value to you the home seller and complete our plan of making your former home beautiful.


7. Are There any fees or Commissions When Selling to Gordon Buys Homes?

None, Our services do not cost you anything when selling your house in San Diego. When you sell your home with a realtor they aren’t the buyer. They need to earn a living from the transaction. We want to buy your home, there is no need to charge for anything.

We also cover 100% of the closing costs when it comes to title and escrow fees. So the price is truly the price. Simple as that.

8. Do you pay Market Value for the Homes you buy?

We make offers that are fair based on a properties condition. Just like you wouldn’t want to pay retail for a used car that needs repairs, we must deduct the costs to renovate a home from our cash offer. So we are happy to buy your home and save you the headache of making those repairs, but we must budget for it so that we don’t lose money fixing the home up!

For a more detailed explanation of this process view our “How it Works” page.

9. How can I be Sure you are Really Going to Close?

There’s a short answer and a long one.

The short answer, non refundable deposits. We stand to lose a lot of money if we do not perform.

The longer answer, our reputation, the countless happy reviews, the decade of work we’ve put in to establish our company. It would all be wasted if we didn’t complete purchases and exceed our clients expectations each step of the way.

You can be certain once we have completed our inspections we are fully committed to buying your home 🙂

10. Is it Normal Feel Skeptical of a Company or Person Offering to buy my home for Cash?

Yes, selling your house in San Diego is a big decision and you should take every step to ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy company. Some things to check that can help ensure you are dealing with legitimate trusted home buyers are the following:

Proof of funds showing the buyer has the capacity to buy the home.

The home buyer should be willing to place a large NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to open escrow.

Short closing timeline, any long delays or excuses are not in alignment with professionals in this industry.

REVIEWS! A company should have reviews, references and be a registered company in the state of California.

No Pressure! Any type of sales tactics pushing you to make quick decisions or sign now are a red flag. Work with a company that wants you to take your time.

11. Do you buy Houses Outside of Southern California?

We do, as recently as last month we purchased a property in North Carolina and Michigan. Still, our primary focus is buying homes in San Diego and Southern California, helping those selling your house in San Diego. We do have a network of trusted cash home buyers in other parts of the U.S. Below is a list of those investors and links to their websites.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
> Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland

Do you still have questions?

You can call or text us anytime, we answer all calls personally. Or fill out the secure form below. Our Cash Offers are free and you have no obligation to accept it. Our goal is to help you sell your house for cash or find a solution that works for you.

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