The Top Five Bigger Pockets Podcasts For Motivation and Education

When it comes time to get educated, Bigger Pockets has been my go to website for years. While the podcast has existed in several forms over the years it wasn’t until last year that the guys over at BP took it to a whole new level, here’s what you need to check out.

The great thing about their podcast is you never know who to expect, from best selling authors to virtually new investors you get a taste of it all. Something for everyone and at the convenience of being able to listen to them virtually anywhere.

In the world of real estate investing you don’t always want to attend a meeting or read a book, the option to listen to an interview of a real investor doing real deals and sharing their strategy is huge. Not only can be hugely motivating and uplifting there is an insane amount of educational value behind them.

Here I’ve selected five of my favorite podcasts I thought others might enjoy to check out. They cover a broad range of real estate topics and have a little something for everyone. Check them out!


Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor Using The One Thing with Jay Papasan

Bigger Pockets Podcast #113

This interview with Jay had me ordering both of the books mentioned in the podcast right away, I’m half way through the Millionaire Investor and its a game changer. If you are seeking inspiration on a grand level, this is the podcast for you.


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How to Succeed in Multifamily Investing – A Unique Conversation with Josh, Brandon and Ben

Bigger Pockets Podcast #061

For many investors multi-family is where it’s at. It was my first foray into the investing world and I’ve never looked back. That being said you need to know how to do things right from the very start because the advantage of multi-family (scalability) can also be detrimental to your business if you don’t do things the right way. Check this interview out to get a good feeling of how to start, what to look out for and how to ramp things up once you’ve got it dialed in.


No (and Low) Money down real estate Investing with Brandon Turner

Bigger Pockets Podcast #092

Brandon is the right hand man to Bigger Pockets founder Josh Dorkin. The two have a good cop bad cop thing going for them, Brandon being the good cop. He is included in almost all of the podcasts and is a Washington based investor. This is a great get started podcast with Brandon showing some of the coolest tricks out there to find a way into your market.


How to Invest in (& Have fun with) Vacation Rentals With Scott Sutherland

Bigger Pockets Podcast #114

Scott discusses a rarely mentioned rental market for most real estate investors. Vacation rentals, and with the growth of websites like Air BnB there is more potential than ever for this market. Brandon and Josh do a great job getting Scott to share many of the fundamental details and processes needed to keep a vacation rental profitable with emergency plans should that market cease to exist.


A Unique (and Profitable) real Estate Niche You’ve Probably Never Considered With Jefferson Lilly

Bigger Pockets Podcast #111

Jefferson covers a form of investing dear to me. Since the start my dream has been to own a trailer park. While most call them “mobile home communities” I like to keep it simple. The interview shares some great tips for researching your market, managing from a distance and how to fund the deals. This is an advanced level of investing broken down into information even a beginner can take in and understand.