Our Mission Statement


Our intent is help improve our community by redeveloping real estate and making significant personal contributions to the community by volunteering and funding charities focused on assisting at risk youth.

We donate a percentage of profits to these causes annually and volunteer one weekend per month. 


 Who We Are


Hi, I’m Tim Gordon

Since I was a kid, I’ve found happiness building and fixing just about anything. It started with go-karts, then cars and eventually properties.

After 5 years in the corporate world I turned my love of real estate and projects into a career buying, fixing and redeveloping real estate in San Diego.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my wife Sara, surfing, traveling and being involved in the community. I have been a Big Brother in Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2013 and a leadership mentor for at risk youth through Stoked Mentoring and Urban Surf 4 Kids two fantastic organizations in Southern California.

When looking for a company to work with I understand its important to know who you are dealing with, I hope my brief introduction allows you to feel more comfortable with myself and my company.

I believe it is important to be visible and accessible. I personally answer all phone calls and meet all sellers.

– Tim


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Closing Costs or Fees?

There are no closing costs or selling fees, the price we offer is the price you’re paid. 

How fast can I get an Offer?

We can complete a desktop evaluation and  provide you with a value range for your home via phone or text. Then we schedule a time to view the property in person. 

Once we have viewed your property, we provide our final “As-is” cash offer for your home.

Do I need to clean or fix anything?

No, we take care of everything. Don’t lift a finger. 

How quickly can we complete the sale?

We can complete the sale in as fast as 7 days. 

Do you use an escrow company?

Yes we work with top rated, licensed and insured escrow and title companies with great reviews. 

Who is Gordon?

Gordon is Tim Gordon, founder and president of GBH. When you call, you are speaking to Tim. The final decision maker and person writing the checks.

We take great pride in being transparent and involved in every transaction. To learn more about Tim check our “about us”

How do you determine your offer?

We utilize public record of all transactions in the neighborhood (the closest range possible) to ensure we find the most accurate comps.

Once we know the value of similar properties that have sold in the past three to six months (updated and fixer uppers) we begin to understand the fair market value and details to your particular area.

We then factor in the construction costs to renovate and update the entire home to current design, safety and building code standards.

Now we can create a fair offer to buy your home.

What if I'm not ready to move?

We’ve got you covered. Many home sellers we work with need time to prepare. We can provide a cash offer and let you decide when we close.

Bonus, leave anything you don’t want behind. We’ll take care of it 🙂

What is a "fixer upper" home?

A fixer upper home is a property that needs repairs and updating throughout. Here are examples of items that would need updating or modernizing to attract a retail home buyer.

Single pane windows

Old furnances, water heaters and asbestos piping

Termite damage

Old bathrooms with staining and or water damage

Outdated kitchens with stained or damaged cabinets and old appliances

Drop ceilings and asbestos sound deadening

Damaged, peeling or asbestos flooring

Damage to drywall and doors and trim

Leaking roofs and multiple layered roofing

Overgrown landscaping and drainage issues

Main plumbing line damage, corrosion or leaks

Fire damage and or water damage

Large amount of debris and or animal activity


How do I trust I can work with you?

We have over 70 5-Star reviews on Google – We are the highest rated home buyer in Southern California and take our reputation seriously.

Our goal is to create a transaction that allows all parties to feel they are being treated fairly and with respect. 

Do you have COVID Procedures?

We take COVID-19 seriously and are following all guidelines provided.

When we meet to inspect a property we will be wearing a mask and ensuring the safety of others by practicing social distancing.

Should you have any special needs during this time to facilitate a safe visit to your home, please do not hesitate to make a request. We will do our very best to honor it.

How are you different?

We have been buying homes in San Diego since 2011. In that time we have experienced countless situations that allow us to be prepared for challenging situations and getting the sale completed. 

We are committed to creating a fast, up front and professional experience. The uncertaintly created throughout the process of selling a home is something we do our best to eliminate.

Not only that but you are working directly with the company owner and final decision maker from the start. We ensure you know what is going on each step of the process.

You might be surprised to see how easy it is to sell your house when working with a cash buyer direct, 

Do you have to visit the home?

Not initially, and we never go without your permission. We understand that sometimes the timing isn’t right to see the home yet.

We can perform a desktop anaylsis and provide a value range for you. Then we can work on arrangements to view the property once you and all involved parties are ready. 

Can I text or email instead of call?

Yes, we have completed many purchases where our communications are limited. We’re flexible. 

Where do you buy homes?

We are located in San Diego and buy homes throughout Southern California.

We are also expanding into new markets for more investment opportunities and to be closer to family in Michigan and North Carolina. 

Why should I sell before fixing?

If your home is a fixer upper, once you factor the time it takes and the costs to fix up and sell your home with a traditional realtor. You could end up with the same money as if you sold it to us. 

Save the time and the headaches.

How many visits do you need to make?

In most cases we can complete our inspections and provide an offer in one visit. We want to be decisive and considerate of your schedule and privacy.

Can I leave things behind that I don't want to take?

You certainly can, we’re going to be renovating the property and will be doing demolition work. Save yourself the time and effort, we can take care of it. 

Do you buy homes with tenants?

Yes we do buy homes with tenants in place. 

Do you buy land?

Yes, we do buy land as well as homes. 

We started repairing the home but now we want to sell it, can we?

You sure can, we are happy to pick up where you left off. We’ve purchased many homes that we’re mid-construction. 

My house has code violations, can you buy it?

Yes, we can. We have a good working relationship with city code enforcement. We’re experienced in navigating their requests while completing a transaction. 

My house has been red-tagged by the city, can you buy it?

We can, we are experts in dealing with condemned properties and the requests cities make to allow us complete the transaction and begin making repairs. 

I'm helping a relative sell their home, is that ok?

Yes! We often work with relatives to assist their loved ones through the process. We have created processes that allow for seamless communication and we follow any special requests needed to make the process easier on your loved ones. 

My house is in foreclosure, can you buy it?

Yes, we are well versed in dealing with lenders and attorneys to postpone an auction sale and allow you to avoid the fees and delays caused by a foreclosure auction. 

I'm not sure I want to sell but I'd like more info, is that ok?

Of course! Our goal is to provide you with information that allows you to make the best decisions for you. Lets talk. 

I don't live in the area, but want to sell my house can you help?

We can, we have completed dozens of purchases from out of state or even out of country owners. Technology and mobile notaries have made almost anything possible when it comes to buying and selling homes. 

What is a non-refundable earnest money deposit?

A non-refundable earnest money deposit (EMD) is money sent to escrow that is non refundable to the buyer (us) and is now the sellers (yours). This is to help convery serious intent to buy a property. Once we have satisfied all inspections we intend to provide a non refundable EMD to allow you to feel confident that we are serious about buying your home.