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Hi, I’m Tim Gordon

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to build or fix just about anything. It started with go-karts, then real cars and evntually houses. After 5 years in corporate sales I turned my love of real estate and projects into a career buying and fixing real estate. I love the business, I personally answer all calls and meet every seller.

When I’m not fixing up homes, I’m with my old dog Baby, surfing or doing fun DIY projects at home. I came to San Diego via Michigan and England. The experiences of moving to another country with my family and across America taught me a lot about patience, flexibility and being understanding of challenging situations.

When buying a property, I understand these skills are what makes me easy to work with. I hope my brief introduction allows you to feel more comfortable with me and my company. I believe its imporant to be visible and accessible to sellers.

– Tim

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by Tristan L. on Gordon Buys Homes
Fair, Quick, and Transparent

Tim was instrumental in helping me offload my property as I was no longer living in the area. As part of my process, I went out to three direct buyers and got bids in. After I received the bids, I had to adjust my expectations... and part of that process Tim helped me understand the elements -- whereas the other two were not quite as forthcoming on the details. I thought that Tim's offer was fair and after signing the contract, the process took on the order of two weeks. Tim was very flexible in aligning with my schedule and also doing handholding throughout the process.

The end result was a fair deal that wrapped up painlessly and quickly.

Thank you.