How to Raise Rent in Four Steps

How To Raise Rent in San Diego Rental properties can have several uses for a portfolio but the most important one is income. If your property isn’t earning a solid income compared to its value then you aren’t managing your investment wisely. When it comes time to...

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How to Sell Your House Fast for Top Dollar

How to Sell Your House Fast for Top Dollar It may seem complicated to sell a house for the best price, in reality it comes down to five simple items and on important rule. This is the strategy used by house flippers across the United States to successfully move a...

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Heroin Dealers Convey With Property

When you say the words “I’m not a cop, I promise” to three guys in wife beaters you suddenly realize you might be in a bad situation. That’s how it all started at my first investment property. The last article covered buying properties using FHA203K rehab loans...

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Why Zillow Zestimate Won’t Work in San Diego

Zillow San Diego Zestimate is Highly Inaccurate Trying to decipher the value of a property to most people is a mystery, to an appraiser it is a science based on data and to Zillow.com it must be a random number generator operated by a monkey... Now this wouldn't be a...

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