Heroin Dealers Convey With Property

When you say the words “I’m not a cop, I promise” to three guys in wife beaters you suddenly realize you might be in a bad situation. That’s how it all started at my first investment property. The last article covered buying properties using FHA203K rehab loans...

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Why Zillow Zestimate Won’t Work in San Diego

Zillow San Diego Zestimate is Highly Inaccurate Trying to decipher the value of a property to most people is a mystery, to an appraiser it is a science based on data and to it must be a random number generator operated by a monkey... Now this wouldn't be a...

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Spike TV Catch a Contractor

The Minnesota Ave. house was special to me, this wasn’t a project this was going to be my home. Located a few blocks from the beach in Oceanside, California I was obsessed with buying this house. I stalked it, I watched for any signs of life to secure my belief that this was in fact, a vacant house. After months of driving by and calling the owner I finally met with him and got him to agree to sell to me. We inked the deal at a diner on Pacific Coast Highway and I had my dream house. It just needed a little work

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