The Mexico Fire Story

I hadn’t made a decision to go to Mexico for the fourth of July until the day before. Funny how there are so many fork in the road decisions that allowed the events to unfold that evening to find me badly burned and racing to a clinic in Rosarito, Mexico.

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San Diego Real Estate Timing Report

Have we recovered yet? It sure looks like it Although it has been a much more controlled accent into recovery prices in San Diego are close to pre-crash levels and in many specific markets they have surpassed those levels. We’ve compiled data from the top sources in...

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Should You Rent or Sell Your House?

Should You Rent or Sell House San Diego When it comes time to upgrade or move due to work many of us wonder what we should do with our current home. Should I keep it and rent it out, or sell it? There is a lot to consider and I've broken it down to the main points to...

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