“… I sold my home. Really, really good guy. Gave me plenty of time to move. Gave my elderly family plenty of time. And, he’s totally awesome.

He’s totally the best guy in the world you gotta deal with. And if a friend needed to sell, I would definitely be saying to call Tim.

I’ve been a plumber for 20 years for the United States government and I’ve been there and done that with many contractors. But this guy, you can believe. “.


Greg A. – Grant Ave. Property Seller

san diego cash home buyer

Carol W.

Spring, 2015



Selling our home to you was a breeze. You worked with our whole family and showed us great professionalism, patience and candor. It helped make selling our family home a much easier and simple process.


Thank you and take care!”

Hi Tim,

I hope this is OK.  It’s all true.

Being the “BATMAN” fan that I am, I decided to contact Tim Gordon based solely on his last name.  After speaking with him, I fondly changed his name to “Commissioner Gordon”.

Not only was Tim very professional, but I found him to be a caring, trustworthy, patient and honorable individual.  He always kept me “in the loop” with what was happening and I never had to worry about anything.

Tim “Commissioner” Gordon, thank you for everything!  I wish you and your company nothing but the BEST!

Take care.

Ida – Reynolds St. Property Seller

Mr. Gordon,

Thank you for assisting us with our property in San Diego. After attempts to sell it through our property manager were unsuccessful you managed to do everything as promised.

I know we did not give you much time and with this happening during the holidays I was nervous for delays. Thankfully you and your staff made sure to have everything handled perfectly.

Our tenants were happy with how professionally you handled a delicate situation, my family is appreciative that you managed to do what our agent could not.

Meinhart Lages - Adams Ave. Property Seller


Just wanted to thank you for the quick and easy home sale. I have successfully relocated, and am happy with the whole process.

There was little stress, much less work for me, and the process was fairly seamless. The check was ready a day earlier that anticipated, and I was able to make the move smoothly.

I had built in a couple of extra days in case there were any problems, but the extra time was not needed. Thanks for everything, take care.


Debbie Aitkenhead - Eveningside Glen Property Seller

I’m writing to you this afternoon to say thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would recommend you to anyone exploring his or her options.

My favorite part about doing business with you was how flexible you were and how open you were to any questions I had. Moving out of our family home was an emotional experience for many different reasons and throughout the whole process you were very respectful.

It was a big decision to sell our home and I’m very happy that I decided to put my faith in you.

Take care, Tim and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Curtis Reeves - Son to Seller of Felinda Way Property

I am writing this letter as a testimonial for the great assistance I received from Tim Gordon and his associates during a difficult financial period.

I could no longer afford to pay the mortgage on my home of 27 years and I was not qualified for any of the mortgage assistance programs offered by my lender or the government. I thought I was going to have to endure the embarrassment of foreclosure.

I received a post card in the mail from Tim that informed me of another option, a Short sale.

To make a long story short all I can say is that from the first meeting until the close of the sale Tim took all the weight off my shoulders.

He kept me up to date on what was going on and when I had questions about any part of the process he promptly responded and would explain in a language I could understand. Tim’s assistance and availability seemingly at all times of the day or night lessened my stress which would have been overwhelming without him.

Frank Stinton – Laurashawn Property Seller

Nov 19, 2014

Mr. Tim Gordon bought my home that was late on payments and saved my family from foreclosure. Tim, you saved us from bad times and may God or whatever force bless all that he does. Tim you are a great person and bless you.

Edwin W. - Seller of E. Main Lot 43

testimonial note



Thank you so much for all your kindness and help. I look forward to working with you again under enjoyable atmosphere.

Please stay in touch.

June Nakatani - Balfour Ave Property Seller


Mr. Gordon, I am writing this letter to thank you for being very understanding about the death of my daughter during the sale of my unit and the closing of escrow.

Everything seemed to be done to make all parts of the sale to be convenient to me. I really appreciate the professionalism you displayed from beginning to end.

I would,and will, recommend you to anyone I know who is looking sell property.

Jim Irwin - Alvarado Ave. Property Seller


I recently contacted Tim when I was running out of time to sell my late father’s home. There was a reverse mortgage on the property and my time limit to sell the house was nearing. We had received numerous offers from investors but with the realtor commissions we were going to be lucky to break even.

Our listing agreement had expired so I decided to try a different approach. I decided to go directly to the investors and found Tim. From our first conversation I found him to be trustworthy and believable.

He was very empathetic to my situation and made the whole process relatively painless. He made a fair offer which gave my family close to what we were looking to get out of the house.

We opened escrow on Friday and closed the following Friday. Tim stayed on top of the escrow company and kept me informed of the progress on a daily basis. In short, he delivered on everything he said he would do.

Thanks again Tim. It was a pleasure doing business with you

Nancy Konysky - Calle Rolph Property Seller


Tim worked with me to help on a short sale of the home that I owned that had a great deal of damage to it.

There’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of follow up and Tim was very instrumental throughout the process.

Helping me get it done. I think Tim is a true professional and I would be glad to work with him again.

Ross M. - Mullen Property Seller