Looking For Off Market Real Estate Deals in San Diego?

We Want To Stay Connected!

Real Estate is a team sport and we want to stay connected with you. Here are just a few of the ways that connecting can be beneficial for both of us. Find off-market real estate deals in San Diego.  

  • Partner with us on a project
  • Buy one of our wholesale real estate deals
  • Help fund a deal
  • Work with us in the field

Take a moment and connect with us, there are routinely opportunities available to other investors. Whether it’s a rehab we can’t take on, a great rental outside of our target market, or the chance to have lunch and talk, we want to know who you are and what it is you do in real estate in investing. Connect now to see off-market real estate deals and wholesale real estate in San Diego. 

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Your Network is Your Net Worth

San Diego Real Estate Investor Meetups

We love meeting other investors in person, to talk about deals, opportunities, lessons and to connect in person. Over the years we have hosted Meetup events for San Diego real estate investors at real estate projects throughout the county. To get involved be sure to connect to our investor list. We will let you know about future events to network and connect with likeminded real estate investors in San Diego.


Where Else can You Network & Find Us?

Here’s a few of the fun San Diego real estate investor meetings we attend.


NSDREI – North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association

SDCIA – San Diego Creative Investors Association

BrewRE – Local meetup held at local breweries in San Diego

Bigger Pockets – Largest online real estate community in the world


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you lend funds?

We do, if you have a deal you need funding for. Please let us know, we would love to take a look.

Do you have a buying criteria?

If you have a deal, please give us a call or email. If you are seeking market research on the types of properties we like it is the following.

We will buy houses anywhere nationally, if we like the deal. We have no set price range or location, we want deals that are off-market, under contract directly with the home seller.

Do you JV with other investors?

All the time, we work with other investors in many capacities. From lending, borrowing, marketing properties and more.

If you have a wholesale real estate deal please contact us right away.

How long have you been in real estate?

We started our real estate investing business in 2011 since then we have grown and been involved in all aspects of San Diego real estate investing. Buying off market real estate all over California. 

Can you recommend an escrow or title company?

We have completed many transactions with First American Title and Landmark Escrow in San Diego.

Who is Gordon?

Gordon is Tim Gordon, founder and president of GBH. When you call, you are speaking to Tim. The final decision maker and person writing the checks.

We take great pride in being transparent and involved in every transaction. To learn more about Tim check our “about us” section. 

Are you looking for investors?

Sometimes, please reach out personally and lets talk.

Can I call you and ask a question?

Sure, I’ll do my best to help! We’re one of San Diego’s friendliest real estate investment companies 🙂

Can I interview you on my podcast?

Sure! Lets talk. We’ve been interviewed on some of the biggest real estate podcasts out there.  

 Wholesale Real Estate Deals in San Diego

Knowing where to look and how to evaluate wholesale real estate deals in San Diego is one of our specialties. Off market investment opportunities in San Diego can be challenging to determine their ARV, repairs and exit value. If you would like to talk to us about evaluating a wholesale real estate deal in San Diego. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are one of San Diego’s friendliest real estate investors and look forward to speaking with you and helping you review off market real estate deals in San Diego.

Off Market Real Estate Deals in San Diego

Are off market real estate deals the same as wholesale deals? Yes and No. To some people, wholesale properties and off market real estate are the same thing. If you are looking for off market real estate deals locating a real estate wholesaler can be a great way to find those opportunities. Regardless of what you call them finding real estate investment opportunities in San Diego requires building a large network and connecting with as many real estate investors in San Diego as possible. 

Do you still have questions?

You can call or text us anytime, we answer all calls personally. Or fill out the secure form below. Our Cash Offers are free and you have no obligation to accept it. Our goal is to help you sell your house for cash or find a solution that works for you.

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