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The Guinevere St. home was the property behind one of our most popular blog posts. “Meth, Death and Subpoena’s…The time I stopped a house from being stolen.” This house had a crazy story behind it, a relaltive was on drugs and attempted to steal the home. The house also had an adorable pitbull named froggy who was left with the house.

I fell in love with Froggy, and while the house was going through the court system I checked on him almost daily. In the end, Marc one of our contractors took Froggy and gave him a new home. It was a really nice way to put an ending to what was a really stressful sale for the family.

The project itself was similar to the Oceanside project in scale. It was a really fun project to complete as it was just over a mile to my house. This was a really strange deal as it involved a lot more personal effort due to the nature of what was going on with fraud, drugs and possible elderly abuse.


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