Here is my DIY on how to make a planter box minutes. Here’s a list of the materials you’re going to need.

Tools Needed: Saw, Hammer, Tape Measure, Pencil  a Drill and Safety Goggles!

Materials: A 72″ Fence board of any width, exterior finish nails 1-1/2″ works well and whatever plants and soil you plan to use.

The video covers this build in detail but here are the quick notes. 


Cut (3) boards 19″ in length. These are the sides and bottom. The bottom piece will need several holes drilled in it to allow for proper irrigation. 

Cut (2) boards 6-1/2″ to 6-9/16 (sizes vary on dried wood) for the end caps. Any remaining pieces of wood can be used as feet on the box. 

Assemble as instructed in the video, drill breather holes in the bottom of the planter and enjoy!