Hi, I’m Tim Gordon

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to build or fix just about anything. It started with go-karts, then real cars and evntually houses. After 5 years in corporate sales I turned my love of real estate and projects into a career buying and fixing real estate. I love the business, I personally answer all calls and meet every seller.

When I’m not fixing up homes, I’m with my old dog Baby, surfing or doing fun DIY projects at home. I came to San Diego via Michigan and England. The experiences of moving to another country with my family and across America taught me a lot about patience, flexibility and being understanding of challenging situations.

When buying a property, I understand these skills are what makes me easy to work with. I hope my brief introduction allows you to feel more comfortable with me and my company. I believe its imporant to be visible and accessible to sellers.


– Tim