South Park Flip + Duplex Value Add


Where: 2861 C St. San Diego, CA 92102

When: Saturday July 23rd, from 9:00AM-11:00AM 

Project Type: South Park Flip + Duplex Value Add

Cost to Attend: FREE


We’re Halfway through the year and the deals are cranking! This is one of more unique deals we’ve had the chance to host for local investors. Take a look…

Quick Stats
  • South Park Duplex
  • $625,000 Purchase Price
  • $135,000 Rehab Budget
  • 6 Month Estimated Hold Time
  • Funded Via Equity/Debt Funding
The Thomas Strafford crew landed themselves this deal with some serious ninja house hunting skills. This South Park duplex that was previously two (2 bed / 1 bath units) will now be transformed into a owner occupant ready 3 bedroom / 2 bath home with a perfectly dialed in rental unit. This play is perfect for the neighborhood and a fantastic way to create a unique deal in a challenging market. Here’s what we’ll be covering at the event;
  • Historical permitting requirements- It’s all about the window
  • Deal acquisition, how was this off market deal secured?
  • Zoning- FAR, Coverage, Easements and Leveraging the Multi Family feature
  • Unpermitted additions… What is life without unpermitted additions?!?
  • Bids, Bids, Bids, Prices from A-Z and interpreting them.
Don’t forget, these meetups offer some of the best networking in San Diego for investors new or experienced. Our informative but casual approach allows you the time and space to learn and establish new connections. Also, we’ll be headed out for some well deserved beers at a nearby establishment at the close of the event, hope to see you there!
**About Our Events – This is a entire FREE Meetup created to allow local investors new and experienced to meet on site at a real deal and learn what is going on in the San Diego market. We follow a strict NON PITCH guideline and have no desire to sell, pitch or ask for anything from our guests. Please feel free to bring a friend, tell a friend and make new friends while here.
**About Thomas Strafford Investments- Thomas Strafford was founded by Andrew T Greer and Keith Robinson. After several years flipping property TSI has moved into land entitlement, new home development, and custom remodels as well. Feel free to bring all of your questions about real estate investing, as Keith and Andrew have an open policy on sharing information and growing the investment community.