April Meetup – Talmadge Fixer, Addition & Wholesale

Where: 5433 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92115
When: Saturday April 30th, from 9:00AM-11:00AM 
Project Type: Wholesale, major Renovation, addition and structural work.
Cost to Attend: FREE (Signup Below)

Local investor Tyson Gustus from RTG Partners is welcoming us into their newest project. They purchased this deal in early January with plans to transform this small 900 sq ft home sitting on a half acre lot into a 3/2 floor plan with a beautiful master suite.

Not only is this a flip with one hell of a cool addition, this was also a wholesale deal. You’ll get a chance to learn how the deal was found and what it took to get it closed.

We will be providing a guided tour of the property and a detailed explanation of the deal. How it was purchased, the rehab budget, construction & design process and the exit plan.



If you’ve not attended one of these Meetup’s before get ready, typical attendance is between 50-60 investors new and experienced all gathering at a local project to learn and network.

Last Month's Event Had a Huge Turnout

Last Month’s Event Had a Huge Turnout

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