Remodeling your home is not an easy task. But you can do a lot to increase your home value. It can take a lot of money per square foot to renovate just one room. Reports state that all from $100 to $250 per square foot. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, the homeowners are investing in bigger and smaller fixtures and upgrades, so they can increase their home value. This is something that needs to be planned and you need to make sure that you are up for it. Stil, remodeling is popular and on the rise according to this study by Harvard University. Homes that are remodeled can jump in value quite a bit. 

The truth is that a completely functional property will always have a better price at the market. Small addons and fixes can add a lot and it. We wrote on what factors can hurt your home value, and fixing this can and will lead to an increase over the initial price. You want to give the new homeowners a feeling of completeness. The house will also be easier to sell and a bigger range of buyers will be in the line. 

So with all that, we sat down from our team at gordonbuyshomes.com and compiled a small list of tips and tricks how to increase the value of your home:

Open Up Space

Open spaces are your key to a high price. Removing walls and obstacles to create a sense of flow in your home is a sure way to attract and increase the value of the house. This can create a greater sense of freedom, it can be more aesthetically pleasing and leave a bigger playfield for the future buyer. 

Be aware that you need to do this with an engineer as you don’t want to take down a supporting wall or something that can damage the house structure. 

Replace Doors and Entrances

The main door, the garage, and all doors in the house – you have to fix them if any are broken. Replacing them would be even better. Buyers will appreciate nicer options as well as safer ones. Adding new doors and frames for entrances can be a tad bit tricky but it can mean a lot to the overall impression of the house inside. 

Touch Up Details and the House Appearance

If there are traces of mold, moisture, and any visible damage, your house won’t be attractive to a potential buyer. Nor can you get the maximum value of your house. Small details can mean a lot. A session with a pressure washer on the front porch can mean a lot too. Choose modern colors that will create a vibrant feel to the place. 

Remodel the Basement 

The basement doesn’t seem like a big point, but cleaning up and remodeling the basement can be a big selling point. A finished basement can add up to a lot the value of your house and make it more attractive in so many ways. Basements can be all from playrooms to guest rooms and having such a space is a must for many families and potential buyers. 

Check the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen

Replace all the damaged taps and faucets, and make sure there is no sign of leaking anywhere! Water damage is extremely unappealing to buyers. This is an affordable step that will increase the value and give off a good impression.

Minor remodel options instead of big ones

When it comes to the bathroom, you don’t have to remodel it completely. Small changes such as new towel racks, a new toilet lid, larger mirrors will also leave a lasting impression.

Give a new life to the floors

Refinish wooden floors are not especially expensive. It can mean a lot to the living space and it will give a completely new look to every room. This is a sure option that will guarantee your money back. Some improvements may not give back their 100 percent value, but this one sure will.

Fix the roof

Climate conditions can affect the roof in ways you can’t imagine. Before you put your old home for sale, you have to check if there is any damage there. The Realtor reports that a new roof is the biggest value you can give your home! This will surely increase your home value.

Get Good Efficient Windows 

If you really want to remodel windows and get new ones, a sure way to increase the value of your house, and also attract buyers, energy-efficient windows are key. Many would like windows that are up to energy standards which will save money over time on energy. This is one of those safe investments that will come back, if not fully, at least in 80 percent.

Fix the Toilet (if needed)

Toilets haven’t changed much in the last few decades, but the leaks and ugly appearance can affect the potential buyer big time. Bathrooms generally are spaces where we spend so much time and seeing a nice toilet and space around it really makes a deal or no deal. 

A Separate Laundry Room Is Always A Plus

Washing machines can be in the bathroom. But, if you have an option for that a separate laundry room, go for it. Be it that you will use a small room or maybe build one in the basement, laundry rooms have proved effective for selling a home!

Improve the Insulation

One more upgrade that is not too expensive, upgrading the insulation has shown itself as a great value back method. Be it that you lose heat and may put a strain on your HVAC or let too much heat in, insulation is a sure way to an efficient house. 


Source: unsplash.com

So with that, we hope that you got some general tips that can improve your home and its value. Yes, some projects are bigger than others but as said, remodeling a home can be a real job. Be aware of the disadvantages of your current home. Stay realistic, and fix what needs to be fixed! Happy modeling!