We already talked about how hard it can be to sell your home. The process can get lengthy if you want to get the maximum of your sale. It can involve a lot of paperwork and many meetings with clients and your realtor. This is the quickest earning money method. An investor may want to buy your house, and that could seem like easy money. We at gordonbuyshomes.com think that you should be aware differences between selling your home to an investor or via the market. 

Firstly we want to tell you some key differences and list some basic things you should know about this process.

Should I Sell My House To An Investor?

If you want fast cash, an investor is a great deal. Selling to one is a sure way to bring down the complications, the paperwork, all the little things needed to sell the house. With this, you can even avoid inspections and problems that may arise when having buyers look at your home. 

Above all there are a few questions that you may ask yourself when deciding you will sell your house to investors. 

How Fast Do I Want To Get Rid Of My Property?

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Therefore with basically no prep work involved, an investor is your best bet if you need a fast getaway. Even if that you need to escape town, you want a quick move because of a job, this is the least work option. But it will come at a cost if your house is not in top-notch, or at least in good shape. Which leads us to our next question?

Does My Home Need To Be In Good Shape To Sell To An Investor?

YES AND NO. Further explained, there are different kinds of investors who will look for other things. Going into it, we have:

  • Buy and Hold Buyers. For those who get the property to hold it, it is an investment and a way of making money later on through renting.
  • House Flipping. In brief, this type of investor tries to get a property that is in not such good condition, so they can buy it cheap, and then after restoration and different upgrades try to sell it high and earn on that.
  • Systems like iBuyers. These wealthy companies offer a simple online selling experience where they will provide you with a fast cash out for your home. They work based on sophisticated algorithms that value your home based on many factors)  

So In What Shape Does My Property Have To Be To Sell It To An Investor?

With knowing all this now, we can talk about the shape of your property. The first type of investors will look for single homes in good neighborhoods, and they will seek out a house in good condition. It’s in their interest that the house is easy to rent out, and this type of sale will probably bring you the best money. These sales are often close to what you would like to get or what the market dictates. 

If your house is not in good shape, a house flipper may be your choice. If you’re going with selling your home to an investor. Of course, you won’t get the maximum out of your sale. The buyer will need to renovate and fix any issues. This can greatly bring your price down! We always suggest that you do some fixes yourself if you are able. Read our article on what home upgrades are the best for your home to figure out what could bring down your home’s price and how you can fix it. 

iBuyers will look for homes in okay shape. They usually want smaller fixes and are willing to overlook small things. These people will overlook some issues as they know how to bring the house in good condition. We repeat, if you’re selling and have some time, treat your home to some upgrades. Then you will be able to sell it for the maximum amount. Repairs can cost a lot, but some will come back to you when selling almost 100 percent. Get a reasonable estimate. Plan what you want to do, read up on what would be the best, and do your best. 

What Are The Benefits Of Selling To An Investor?

Speed of sale, the convenience of no paperwork. Plus the fact that you can sell your house in the current condition. 

To further expand, most people, almost 90% of buyers, tell that there are many selling complications. Especially if you are financing your home from somewhere else. It can take weeks needed to prep the house, see the buyers, get an agent. All this can prolong, and you may not see cash any time soon. So going through an investor changes that in a heartbeat. So selling your home to an investor is a good deal.

The second one is convenience! This method has almost no paperwork as the system as iBuyers take everything online and super fast. No trimming the lawn for the potential buyers, no lawyers, just a few calls and clicks. The cash is in your hands in a matter of seconds and you can sell your home fast.

If you decide on this, as said, the house’s condition doesn’t have to be top-notch. Leave as it is because the new owners will take care of that. Super easy.

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What Is The Downside Of Selling To An Investor?

You may not get the best price from an investor. That is why most sales are made via real estate agents. These people are about margins and money, but that should not be a reason not to sell to an investor. Some may offer reasonable prices, their earning margins may be smaller, and they may want to deal nicely with you. As with all things in life, one needs to check his options. See how much work he can put into something.

You need to set up your priorities straight and think carefully about all the questions we posed through the article. In addition, there are also different sites and services that could help you decide on a price. Find out what could be okay with you. We hope that you learned what does selling a home to investor means. In conclusion happy researching and happy selling!