Wall paint color can make or break a room’s design scheme. A wall painted in the wrong tone can result in an undesirable coloring scheme for hallways, bathrooms, living rooms and other common areas of a household. Choosing the best wall paint colors depends on individual preference when it comes to the color scheme that is applied throughout the entire house. The best wall paint colors are typically neutral tones. They are designed not to attract much attention when used as background imagery in different parts of the home. So let’s share our experiences from our team at Gordon Buys Homes.

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Whitened walls have become very popular recently because they provide a certain level of simplicity in terms of decorating them with various art pieces and accessories. White walls are great because they easily brighten up small spaces so any available windows do not feel minimized by being surrounded by dark colors. It’s no surprise that people will paint their walls white when they want to stage their home. This color is also great for hallways and other locations in the home that receive a lot of foot traffic because it helps to brighten up the environment and make people feel more energetic when they walk in and out of the room.


A gray wall is also very popular choice in many homes. It can be used in conjunction with any number of different colors. It can be used on the inside or outside of a home without creating an excessive amount of noise. Gray acts as a neutral tone. Be sure to highlight paintings, accent pieces, mirrors and various other forms of art within a household’s design scheme.


Black is probably one of most commonly utilized wall paint color options. It’s simply because there are so many different shades to choose from. Black is great for hallways and other rooms that are constantly in use because it creates a certain level of darkness that prevents people’s eyes from wandering into the background.

It also makes a great accent color. Especially when used in conjunction with a lighter tones for wall paint colors because it creates a certain level of balance when placed around the room. Depending on which tone you select for this type of wall paint color, people’s eyes can be directed toward windows or focal points that are designed to receive attention from visitors and household members.


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Dark navy has become very popular . Because it can add much needed contrast in living rooms and other common areas within a home where the furniture pieces may not provide enough visual stimulation. This is one of best wall paint colors because. It works well with many different types of backgrounds without creating too much contrast. Navy also provides a unique sense of style when combined with leather accessories. It’s great in an entertainment room or masculine design schemes in a bedroom.

Bright Colors

Brightly colored walls can be one of the most effective ways to add visual stimulation within a large room. This goe especially for entertainment space or living room. Bright colors such as red and orange look great when combined with darker tones. It contrasts nicely with lighter backgrounds that provide more neutral tones throughout the entire home. This is also great for hallways and other locations where people want to feel a certain level of energy before entering a general living area. This is good when you want to create a space that wont be overwhelming by brighter shades.

Many homeowners struggle with determining which wall paint color they should use. There are so many options on the market today so it can be quire hard. The best wall paint colors typically consist of neutrals, white, gray and navy tones that do not require a lot of visual stimulation to become visually appealing.

To complement the furniture, artwork and accessories be sure to design and think about the wall colors .Also thin about the Items that are part of the interior of your home. It is also important for people to understand which wall paint color they should choose. This can make or break an entire design scheme within a household. Each tone works in conjunction with different types of flooring materials. So it’s important for homeowners to be aware of many popular choices on the market today. Then you can do a good final decisions about their new walls.

Neutral Shades

There are many different types of neutral shades that look great when used on living room walls or hallway spaces that receive a lot of traffic. White is probably one of the most commonly utilized wall paint color options simply because it is so versatile. White works well with most types of furniture, wallpapers and accessories that are already included within a home’s design scheme. It also provides a sense of cleanliness when used in conjunction with door frames or wood accents around the fireplace.

Muted tones are also designed to provide a high level of contrast throughout the household. This is achieved without making people feel overwhelmed because it is too dark or too bright. Neutral tones are one of best wall paint colors. They work well with almost any type of design style without making too much noise within a household. Homeowners can use these colors to accent artwork. Add zing to the exterior of their home and add some needed contrast. Especially larger rooms such as living rooms or kitchens where there isn’t enough visual stimulation. Neutral shades are accentuated by other types of wall paint colors. Usually colors which provide enough contrasting color for people’s eyes to travel throughout the room.


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Homeowners should choose wall paint colors that work well with the flooring, furniture and accessories. Things that already found within their home because it can make or break an entire design scheme. Most importantly, homeowners should use wall paint colors that they feel comfortable living in day-in and day-out. It is also a great way to improve the value of your home fast. It’s important not to feel tired or overwhelmed . Most manufacturers offer hundreds of different tone options. So people can consider when choosing which wall paint color would look best on their walls at home.