The decorating game is changing rapidly. Especially when we consider how o people plan out the spaces where they spend most of their time, we are used to having a big sofa in the living room, and we can see that in all movies and TV shows. So let’s talk and how can we get rid of the sofa.

But a recent trend that is getting bigger is to have a living room without a sofa? Why, you may wonder? We at Gordon Buys Homes already saw some houses with this concept, and we want to share our thoughts on this exciting way of designing the space. This could be a great way when redesigning to improve the value of your home quickly. So let’s head into it.

Why do you need a sofa? Has it become so important in our lives and a central part of the room that we can’t get rid of it? Well, the answer is: No, we don’t need it!

Actually, there are no rules against having a sofa in the living room, but people like to follow convection. So let’s list some reasons why the sofa is a tad bit bad:

The Sofa Takes up a Lot of Space

living room just chairs

Yes, housing and living have never been more challenging. So every bit of space is precious, and the sofa is an oversized furniture item. Not everyone can afford the luxury of having super spacious living rooms where you can have multiple furniture items. Some of the alternatives would be replacing the sofas with furniture like cushion chairs, lazy bags, or some nice stools. You need to find a way to make it comfortable, and your guest won’t mind that it’s not a sofa. 

You really need to make the most of your space. Some careful planning that will take into consideration the decoration and the size and that’s where you can get rid of the sofa.

The Sofa Maybe Not Be the Best Option for Guests

Some people may be a bit uncomfortable sitting close to strangers or people in general. If you really want that people feel good in your space, having the option for your guests to sit apart can be positive for them. It’s also super awkward to talk to someone who is sitting next to you. Weir angles and the conversation won’t be able to flow as it could face to face.

So you may wonder, what are my options then? What do I put in my living room instead of the sofa?

living room

Well, let’s talk about those:

Bean Bags can be your next best friend. It’s a great way to decorate your living space and have a cushy sitting place. Just be sure to get a good bean bag made with good leather and fillings. They can be a bit hard to adjust, but it really becomes a standard of sitting when you find the right bean bag. Also, they are super easy to move and put away if you need the space—ideal for small spaces.

Floor Cushions can also be super cool. If you have a lovely floor and carpet, you can get some oversized luxury floor cushions and sit on the floor. Even if your guest sits in the chair, you can go on the floor! We love sitting on the floor as it can be better for our backs, and you can use these as extra seating when more people come. A fantastic way to get rid of the sofa.

Armchairs are a no-brainer. Armchairs a be of any budget, and we are sure that you could find one really good one, or two budget options plus a bean bag, and you will have three sitting places with no big bulky sofa. This will give you more options for decorating and moving stuff around. 

Statement chairs are really popular too today. And we agree! A timeless classic, the big cushy chairs are the perfect way to unwind and sit down to have a nice conversation. These also can be budget-friendly, and you will have to research and choose the right for you. So include them in your new living room combo with no sofa. Lounge chairs come into this category too. They are similar and you can really go to town with designs and options on how will they look. 

Put in a hammock or a swing! It’s your living your, why shouldn’t you do it. The hammock is a tad bit tricky to pull off. It’s not for those without a lot of space, but if you do have the space go all for it. The swing too. Why wouldn’t you have a swing while having tea with your friends? You can and you should! It’s an amazing way to increase the value of your home if you plan on selling it. Modern designs like these up the price and people will be more interested in buying your home.

living room no sofa

So with that, we hope you learned how can you ditch that big chunky sofa and incorporate a few other furniture items that will take less space but will provide the same amount of seating. 

Minimalism in this direction can just bring a whole new atmosphere to your living space, but even you don’t have to go minimalist. Maybe a retro look with some nice big lounge chair and a think Persian carpet on which you put down those aforementioned cushions could be your next living room. 

Mixing different styles is a great way to decorate a room with your soul and with personality. This is an important lesson if you get a new house and you’re planning to decorate. It’s easy to get pulled in minimalist gray and white style…but colors and dashes of your personality are the way to make a house feel like a home. One more thing that is popular is the cushion thing, where we saw tables literally on the ground. A coffee table on the ground? Well, why not? With the cushions and the bean bags, you’re close to the floor so a big table ain’t a need. Just a nice slab of wood or stone will do.  So we hope you learned why and how can you get get rid of the sofa in your living room.