Garage space is so practical & useful when you know how to utilize it the right way. A lot of people love to take care of their cars + some guys find them to be their safe haven. However, garages can get pretty messy quickly & overnight. Neglecting their maintenance could lead to you losing your storage & making the space crowded or unorganized. A unorganized garage can even bring the value of your house down when selling your home. If you want to know what are some practical tips, as well as some storage ideas keep on reading! We have some ideal go-to solutions.

Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Garage Clean & Organized


1. Make a Schedule

All great things happen to those who plan out their chores! If you are an unorganized person make sure that you create a weekly board of your tasks & home chores. You should separate your new & old used stuff in some different containers. You can also figure out if some items need to be tossed away or maybe donated. Everyone can take care of their garage, just make sure that you plan it all out beforehand.

2. Start With Your Garage Floor for a Clean Workflow

A clean garage floor is hard to find & very hard to maintain. This is why you will want to get rid of some old oil, paint, and rust stains early on. If your floor is doomed and it feels like there is no going back, we highly recommend that you consider painting it and that you purchase some high-quality paint to achieve that new & even look.

PS: You can even color your walls to get that fresh & new vibe + enjoy a clean canvas that you can work on!

3. Wall Storage Is a Must

Create more storage space in your garage for tools, handy everyday items, as well as your garden equipment with a big & sturdy built-in wall shelf. The adjustable shelving system can be tricky to master on your own, which is why it is a good idea to ask an expert to create customizable shelves that will fit perfectly into your garage.

4. Hide Your Tools in Smaller Spaces/Items

It seems like you can never get the right amount of proper storage space, wouldn’t you agree? This may seem like it because we often don’t take full advantage of every little corner. This is where sliding bypass units can make a difference! Use the divider feature wherever you want and on any wall. With it, you will create different lengths & depth shelves. This can mean a lot for the garage and it’s a great way to get it organized.

5. Car-Care Product Feature

You can easily organize your car parts in a way that works for you, yet that doesn’t drive your other half crazy. Car gear & car essentials can easily get stacked up and can take way too much of your space. This is why it is a good idea to have all of your things stored in one specific corner. For instance, you can mount a fold-up door. With this door model that you connect on special hinges you can easily place any small gear/accessories/car parts.

6. Add a workbench

A workbench is often a must-have for most guys and in their garage. Benches that have built-in tool drawers can be pricey to get, which is why you can always DIY your own model. You can, for instance, go for a simple worktable with shelves and add a pegboard above that will hold your gear. If you are not a DIY person you can always purchase this item. Another way to make the garage clean and organized.

7. Stop Air Leaks Between the Garage & Your Home

Before installing organizers or doing any big dramatic changes to your walls – make sure that you check for any uneven or weird gaps in the wall. These gaps & holes can also be found around the ceiling. Make sure that you seal them properly, with either caulk or spray foam. This will also prevent your garage from getting dirty early on.

8. Invest in Your Doors & Window Locks

Did you know that most break-ins happen when you forget to close your garage doors? If so, make sure that you always keep garage windows locked. Most experts recommend that you put in a garage door lock that bolts the door to the sidewalls. Do not forget to keep your door closed, even when running simple errands such as watering your plants in the backyard!

9. Time to Get Dirty

Now that you’ve decluttered the ground and tables, it’s time to actually clean your garage and get rid of dust & grime. You should focus on spider webs, scrubbing the walls, as well as disinfecting every surface. Scrub down your gear as well as your tables and mop the floor with warm water & soft detergent.

10. Proper Lighting & Electrical Systems

Last, but not least, think about your proper wiring and electrical system.  For ambient light, opt for 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts. These will create a pleasant atmosphere & they are not too flashy, loud, or messy-looking. If you are not as handy make sure that you book an electrician or a handyman who will help with these finishing touches.

Bonus Tip: What You Should Never Store in Your Garage

clean garage

If you are not too sure what goes & what stays when it comes to your garage space, make sure that you consider the following list of items:

  • Paint – cold or heat can ruin it, as well as any drastic weather changes so make sure that you store it elsewhere.
  • Propane – even a simple spark could end up igniting the fumes and creating fire.
  • Refrigerator – this is a huge energy drain tool in spaces that are not air-conditioned, and is a big no-no, especially for smaller garages.
  • Food/pet food – small animals such as possums can easily get to your snacks and create a mess which can be annoying & time-consuming to clean.

And there you have it! Our list of highly practical & easy maintenance tips which will make a difference in your everyday life and get your garage clean and organized. Let us know if they were helpful if you’re going to maintain your garage from now on.