You would probably agree with us when we say that looks matter, right? If not looks, first impressions do for sure! This is why a lot of homeowners who are putting their house on the market give a lot of thought & care ways to their curb appeal. Make sure that your porch is attractive, that your grass is fresh & properly cut, and that you have an overall happy & positive atmosphere. Match your interior and exterior the right way. It doesn’t matter if you are buying, selling, or just remodeling your home. Make sure that you keep it fresh and tidy with these helpful tips & tricks!

15 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

beautiful porch

1. Start With Your Front Door

Add a pop of color and transform your door with an outstanding color selection. Just a subtle color change will bring back the life and freshness to your home. Those who enjoy dramatic colors & bright outcomes will enjoy coloring their front door in a funky new color that matches your yard and your overall vibe of the house.

2. New Mailbox

It’s all about the details, even as little as these. So if your mailbox is outdated, rusty, or even dysfunctional, bring it back to life by ordering a new one. It is not a pricey investment, yet it can make an impact.

3. New Garage Doors

Did you know that your garage doors can make or break your overall price point? A lot of people (guys especially) love to have enough garage space and a powerful vibe. One quick & effective hack that can dramatically impact is the use of handles, hasps, and faux window panels. Paint them in anything but white or clear to give them some fanciness, and to make your curb even more appealing.

4. Add Some New Plants

Tim from tells us that plants are the fastest way you can breathe some life into your space (literally). They can also give a lot of color to your home without being too pricey or high-maintenance. Instead, go for some pop of green, red & orange to brighten up the atmosphere. One of the fastest ways to increase your curb appeal.

5. Clean It Out

A marathon cleaning session is something that people love to avoid, but it will catch up to you sooner or later. This is why major clean-outs every 6-12 months can help you with your driveway and sidewalk looks. Bring some cleaning supplies & trash bins to clean it all thoroughly.

6. Add Some Cool Furniture

Your fresh & new furniture does not have to be too pricey. However, you need to add a bit of life and color with some new cute pieces. Toss out the old furniture and enjoy porch benches, tends, porch lights, or cute pillows. It is a semi-pricey investment, but it will last for a while.

7. Let There Be Light

Don’t rely on a single post lamp, or your poorly done garage light to keep you company. Instead, you should add some new light with cute solar-powered spotlights (for instance). Place them all over your walkway and enjoy this new & pleasant atmosphere. Your guests will also easily navigate their walks late at night.

8. Take Care of Your Shrubs

Never let your flowers, shrubs, or trees show a lot more leg & branch than greenery, this is a big no-no. Instead, make sure that you cut & trim them regularly and maintain their outcome. Know your flowers and your shrubs before you begin cutting them away, and invest enough time & care into giving them that perfect transformation.

9. Paint the House

Especially if you want to sell your house, this is a must-do. Though not quite a simple task and one that can be time-consuming, it is a task that will do wonders. Sure, you might need a bit more manpower than the usual, but professional painters & that new color that no one has on the streets and up your neighborhood will make your home blossom and stand out from the rest! Our top tip on how to increase your curb appeal.

10. New Fence Is the Way to Do It

If your house is surrounded by a rusty and outdated chain-link fence or an old and kind of rotted wooden fence – try to replace it. A lot of homes will look better with that old-school & retro wood-colored suburbian fence, or with shrubs surrounding your property.

11. Clean Your Roof or Replace It

If your roof is quite old, you might want to replace it in the first place. However, if it is hanging on in there, you should just clean it. Make sure that you have two days to spare to give it that thorough cleaning session from any old stains, bird poop, algae, yeast, and tree leaves.

12. Symmetry Is the Key

A pleasing design and something symmetrical is always a good go-to. Investigate your home from several different angles and see if something is doable, as well as practical to renew. Give it an upgrade with two new street lights perfectly placed across the other, for instance.

13. Consider Adding Some Flashy Art

Some tastefully selected funky & colorful outdoor art can add a bit of life and color to your old home and your yard. Go for some key pieces that can meet your criteria and ones that will suit you & present you as a person with your feisty character.

14. Hiding Some Features

A lot of homeowners hate it when their cables are out if their hoes are just laying in the garden, and their AC is peaking out. Well, there are always some practical storage units and items that can help you hide all of these pieces on the side. So go for one giant decorative container and enjoy this new curb look.

15. Buy a New Doormat

Last but not least, invest a couple of dollars and get yourself a new doormat. Anyone who comes to your home will always look at your doormat moments before they take off their shoes. So get yourself a sturdy, classic mat made of sisal, seagrass, or coir.


nice looking porch

So with that let’s finish up and we hope you learned some neat tricks on how to improve your curb appeal.