Renovating can seem like a great idea, but there is a lot to go wrong. You need to make sure that the renovation is possible and that you have enough money to spend. Some TV shows could make it seem super easy but in reality, that’s not really the case. But there are a lot of mistakes to avoid during the renovation of your home.

You can go all-in with a kitchen renovation or go smaller like a smaller bathroom redo, but beyond the idea, there is a lot to handle. Especially if you will seek the help of architects and contractors, a small renovation job can turn into a real nightmare without a good plan.

So going through any renovation can be tricky. We wanted to give you basic and general tips on what mistakes to avoid when renovating. We here at renovate a lot of houses.

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With that, if you do the renovation successfully and you watch out on some crucial things, you can be satisfied fully. This will also bring the price of the house up and you will be able to sell it for more.

So With That, Let’s Start With Some Common Renovation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid:

Rushing The Renovation

Yes, TV shows may show you that they can build a whole new home in a week or less. BUT, you need to be aware that good work takes time and there are a lot of steps to do something successfully. You need to be aware that things may not go as planned.

All renovations can be tricky, and especially if you are doing it DIY, you may confront some problems. A leaky pipe can give a halt to your tile replacement plan. Sometimes you will have to do more than just one thing to do something. Different things occur, so be prepared.

Having Really Big Expectations

This can be a real issue, and this is a common mistake during the renovation process. You need to be aware of your situation and your budget. Some things may not be possible without some serious cash. We propose to overgo for function over form. You want to plan ahead your living space. Imagine it in 10 years and think about how to make the space, the room more efficient.

You need not get caught in budget issues. Things occur, and you may get up to 20 percent of what you planned to cover everything. Plan your budget carefully and what you can invest in your project. Suppose you are planning on selling your house; research and see what type of renovation will bring the biggest value. Be aware that the idea you got from Pinterest may not be the best solution, and always consult a professional.

Interview Your Contractors

It may seem enticing to go for the first option that you hear. BUT, we recommend talking to more than one professional and see how they would do it. If you feel rushed in any meeting or by anyone from the group of people that you’re hired, don’t go for it. Especially if you want to do something in your home, for you in those years to come, take your time. Be sure to check their references well and try to have them present their previous work to you.

Focusing On Just Appearance

You need to make sure that all is safe and sound first! Especially if you’re doing bigger renovations. Focus on the power system, make sure the plumbing works, and that there are no issues with that. Don’t tear down a wall that is important in the house’s foundation for God’s heaven. Be aware that you also need to be in style with the rest of the house.

You don’t want to do something super trendy at the moment, which may seem good now, but it could damage the house’s resale value. Good and proven designs are always better than experimenting. Here you also need to take into consideration the life workflow. How will you move through space, and how can the renovation impact that.

Wrong Measures

Yes, this may seem simple, but people make these mistakes all the time. Especially in the case that you are doing something DIY, you need to measure everything thrice! One of the biggest mistakes to avoid during the renovation. Being wrong just an inch can cost you so much and can give you a big headache. Even when installing a simple shelf, measure that correctly and WRITE IT DOWN!


One of the most important things in every renovation. It would help if you designed those lights to lighten up your space in a good way. In a way that will feel luxurious and warm. Especially if you want smart lighting, which is getting more popular by the day, you may consider a lighting specialist. In any case, you need to be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Check The Size of Halls and Doorways

It may seem obvious, but you need to make that all your appliances and furniture are wide enough to fit and transport them easily. Leave enough space there and think about the future and how you want your space to look in the future.

Don’t Focus On the Wrong Things

Yes, a new coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets may look pretty good, but it won’t matter if you have a bad floor. Especially if you’re doing the renovation to increase the resale value, focus your investment smartly. Don’t skimp out on cheap materials that may not last long. You don’t want weak tiles, even if they look good, or cheap windows that are not energy efficient.

Don’t think of buying furniture or appliances ahead of time, or trying to fit something in the space that is not planned well enough.

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With that, we want to finish up our small article on mistakes to avoid during the renovation of your current home or your future one. Plan ahead and find the patience to do the job in a diligent and responsible way.