You were wondering how long and time-consuming it can be to sell your house? Did you know that most homes stay on the market for 56 days (on average)?! Are you eager to sell or buy? Where do you stand when it comes to this 56-day long period? Well, either way, we from want that you keep on reading and understand some basics & critical rules when it comes to real estate & selling houses.

What Will Make Your House Sell Fast? Top 3 Key Rules


Sometimes there are no rules when it comes to your property, and you could be dealing with pure luck and a random factor. However, maintaining it and keeping everything in order will definitely contribute to its final price point, as well as overall selling flow. Your agent will help you understand and determine its price point. Here are all the facts that you should take into consideration!

1. The Location

Although some people hate to admit it, the location and position of your home will play a huge role in its sale process. Do you live in a busy part of the town, or are you located somewhere in the suburbs? Most people will prefer a quiet neighborhood near good schools as well as parks & restaurants. You can usually raise the price point for this or similar location types.

2. Condition of Your House and the State That It Is In 

What is the state of your house? If there is no need to do any major or minor repairs, your home will end up selling faster. Some buyers may want to move in as quickly as possible, which is why minimal investment is something that most people prefer. Make sure that you (at least) clean out all the furniture, and possibly take care of your walls & do some minor painting work. Make it look as presentable and as tidy as possible without investing a lot of money or time in the renovation process to sell the house as fast as you can.

3. The Season of Your Sale Period

Days on the market, as well as holidays that are ahead, will play a role when it comes to the speed & success of your home-selling process. Did you know that most people will avoid buying a home during winter days? Heads up from November to February, you might struggle the most to purchase a home or to put it successfully on the market. According to some experts, the best time for you to sell your home is during the first half of May. 

How to Prepare for the Sale? Top 3 Tips


1. Be Patient & Tough Mentally

This advice may seem too basic, but it is essential to stay optimistic and with your head held high. Heads up since you might need to do some workaround and at your home. It could take you around 20-30 days to get your home in order. Here are some things that you should consider doing:

A) Low-cost repairs

B) Get rid of clutter

C) Fix any leaking faucets or bathtub leaks

D) Add some flowerpots to add brightness to your apartment or around your home (as well as in your yard)

2. Investigate the Market

If you have some spare time, you should investigate the market and give it a fair shot after gathering all of your facts & thoughts. If not, you can always ask a real estate agent for help! With the right approach & realistic expectations, you will be given a proper advantage when it comes to your planning strategy. Investigate the market, ask for help, and act at the right moment to avoid any possible delays or possible complications in the sale of the house.

3. Be Realistic When It Comes to Its Price Point

An overpriced house will likely stay on the market for weeks (if not months). How urgently do you need this done, and do you want to speed up the process? Your marketing approach and strategy need to be ideal and in-tune with your expectations, as well as your neighborhood. Do not be unrealistic with your final price, and ask yourself if you’re okay with settling below your budget (if so, how low will you go?)

Top Three Most-Asked Questions That You Need to Know the Answers To


1. Is There a Good Time to Sell the House?

Most people often wonder if there is a magical answer to this question and the ideal approach. One statistic says that putting your house up for sale in June will get you the highest price. The best way to approach your home & strategy is to work backward and subtract your market’s median days. You can also ask for help from a real estate agent if you’re not too sure how to do this on your own.

2. Why Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

This provides the opportunity to identify any look into any severe or minor potential issues early on in the process. Although you do have to pay it out of your pocket, this step will help you close the deal sooner than expected. If everything goes according to plan, you will have that in writing, and the buyers will approach you with respect & trust.

3. Which Payment Option Is the Best and Which One Should You Go For?

Whether you’re buying or selling, one thing is for certain; everyone favors cash buyers. Waiting for a buyer to receive their mortgage can make the sale uncertain and the whole process a lot slower. If you prefer fast & speedy transactions, you will enjoy cash right away.

Ready to Sell Your Home, and Are You Prepared to Make Your Next Move?

So, are you ready to sell your home and put it on the market? If you’re ready to commit to this process and you are looking for the best strategy, make sure that you understand and implement all of these tips and tricks that will help you seal the deal.