Are you thinking about selling your house? Interested in understanding your options when it comes to its upkeep, minor fixing, as well as more considerable maintenance? Many people forget to invest some time & effort into giving their house the most basic care & transformation that can go a long way when it comes to the price tag of your home. Well, here at we want to give you a small list of things that you should know, and here’s the approach that you should consider when it comes to selling your house. 

What Needs to Be Fixed Before Selling a House: Top 7 Repair Tips & Tricks

1. Wiring system

Did you know that faulty wiring is quite common in loads of places? Electrical problems are the number one concern when it comes to electrical fires. If your home was built in the 1960s, know that it will need assistance & upkeep asap. Book an electrician and let him inspect your house. You will run into an issue of some sort; the only uncertain thing is its magnitude. You will pay around $70 per hour, and you will have to cover their materials. In some cases, the circuit breaker will not meet the amperage that your home needs, and in some, you will have to fix 2-3 insignificant wires. This upkeep is a gamble in itself, but final results are more than crucial for its future owners.

2. Grading & Drainage

It should be noted that you have to take care & watch out for water & drainage that is directed to your home. Is your home capable of directing away heavy snow & rain already? Will the water get into your basement? It can also get into your soil and can cause more damage than you’d think, especially if your doors are old & rusty. If your drainage problems are caused by a poorly sloped yard, make sure that you rethink your options. Regrading your lawn can cost up to $6,000. Moreover, do a bit of inspection and see how your drainage is set up before you put your house on the market.

3. Roof Problems

Water can run off your roof and store around the edge. Heavy water damage will make an impact on shingles and wood rot. Once left untaken care of for way too long, chances of getting a new roof will become significantly higher, as well as pricey. Improper maintenance & neglecting your roof duties may cause you to spend anywhere from $4,000 to $17,000 for your new roof. However, if you act on time & accordingly, you’re looking at more minor renovations of $500 for the handyman & his materials.

4. Poor Upkeep & Neglecting Your Home

The most common issues that 80% of households will encounter are:

  • Old paint 
  • Poor carpeting work
  • Cracks on the wall
  • Damaged tiles
  • Peeling paint

In this case, you should consider doing a mini-renovation that will catch the attention of future buyers. Clearly, this also applies to flats & smaller homes that wish to look aesthetically pleasing. These minor renovations don’t cost a lot to do + you can DIY some of them! Enjoy painting and fixing your tiles and find them therapeutic. Also consider adding some new light fixtures, and make sure that each room is tidy as well as adequately renovated.

5. Bad plumbing work & leakage

Water leaking can be a problem that you can’t fix or solve on your own. Water damage can lead to a lot of nasty things, such as mold, rot, as well unwanted humidity. Are you dealing with minor issues, or is there a huge leak in your bathroom? Leaks that are around your tub and toilet can be pricey to fix. In some cases, you will have to replace worn-out parts + buy new ones while paying the repairman for his materials and his hourly price. Minor plumbing concerns should be first on your to-do list. This is really one of those mu

6. Air Conditioning & Heating Problems

Where do you live, and is your house equipped for the seasonal weather changes? The HVAC system needs to work, and you should equip your home with the most basic yet practical gadgets. You can also ask your technician to fix your old AC unit or to give it an upgrade so that you save some money & avoid purchasing a new model. Think about your heating & ventilating situation as well. Your bathroom & kitchen should have fans for proper ventilation. Another bonus would be if you were to have a fire alarm set-up, it will boost your selling price for sure.

7. Musty Basement & Filthy Attic

Last but not least, how well-kept is your basement along with your attic? If there is a lot of molds, a wet basement will be tricky to sell. Does it have a poor odor? Some places can also have issues with loads of insects, bacteria, as well as fungus infections. You should ask your repairman to give you a rough estimate for this minor fix-up. Finally attics, on the other hand, are often dirty and not well-kept up while being neglected. Make sure that your space is properly ventilated and that there is a lot of light coming in. Go for that cozy & comfy atmosphere to sell it and to spice up its price tag.

Now, It Is Time to Sell Your Home

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Since now you know these essential tips & tricks when it comes to what needs to be upgraded, it is time to consider how you want to sell your house and how you want to attract the right customers. We hope you learned what needs to be fixed around your home to sell it successfully. If you need more help with choosing how to sell your house, which options to use, you can read more on how to sell your home fast on our site right here.