Want to sell your home at a better price? It would help if you did the home staging and save up money on an agent. You must have seen all those beautiful pictures of well-decorated homes on the internet. Sometimes, they look so good that you instantly want to buy the house. Setting up the home for a potential buyer is really important. If you want to sell your house fast you need to stage it well! Staging can increase your offer by around 5 percent.

So why not try doing it? It will make your home photogenic, and the buyer would like to buy it faster. Moreover, according to survey reports, 77 percent of the buyers loved to move into a staged house. It cuts down the time needed to decorate it later on.

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Know The Difference Between Staging And Decorating

home staging
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Usually, people confuse these terms. Staging and decorating are two very different things. Decoration covers permanent changes to make your home look good. Moreover, these things show your taste and likeability.

On the other hand, staging a house means highlighting the strong points of a home—for example, the style of windows and how they bring the light to the perfect angle—likewise, the physical features of your building like stairs, location of the kitchen, etc.

Thus, in staging, you will only show the house’s physical potential so that the buyer can imagine. Everyone has his style and taste, not all buyers will like your home, but some do. With proper staging, they can imagine how to decorate it according to their likeability.

So how can you give a perfect staging to your building? Here are some tips for you,

1 . Remove Your Things

If you are living in the house right now, a lot of your things may be just here. However, it is best to remove these personal items. For example, you should remove your family photos and also your decoration pieces that could bring down the mojo of the house.

You want to give the buyer headspace to decorate it himself. Therefore, he will imagine his belongings everywhere. But if the house shows your family pictures, it will be hard for him to look with that perspective. So it is best to leave more space for imagination. Depersonalization is key here for a successful home staging.

2 . Use The Neutral Color Paint

Everyone has their own taste. If you are planning to sell your house, it is better to look for somewhere else to live in first. Put your home on sale once you move there. This will remove extra clutter including furniture and the house will be more open. To make your home look good, you can paint it. This is also an essential aspect of staging.

However, it would help if you were careful with colors. Painting the walls will give it a new look and remove all the previous family traces. Thus, the buyer will feel more about owning the place. But it would be best if you were careful with color choice. It is better to go with neutral colors instead of bold ones. This also leaves some space for the potential buyer’s imagination.

3. Clean and Clean

clean kitchen
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In staging, you are going to show the potential of your home, you need to make sure that the house is spick and span. All crevasses, all little corners, all furniture needs to be in great condition. This will leave a lasting impression on the buyer that you took care of the home and you will sell it easier. All from the basement to the space behind the stove, all need to be super clean for a successful sale.

4. Pay More Attention To Specific Areas

The most critical area of any house is its master bedroom and kitchen. Therefore, it is crucial to pay more attention to these areas. Focusing on them will increase the chance of a sale. Selling a vacant house is the best bet for some, but that may not be possible. Try to put yourself in a buyer’s position and figure out what upgrades could you do?

You can also make your bathrooms look cleaner as there are people who pay more attention to the bathroom area than the living room. So if your house has a larger bathroom, do focus on it and be aware how important this is for a good home staging.

5. Put Things Together

If you cannot make your house completely empty, you can try restyling it according to a neutral perspective. The best way is to create groups of similar objects. For example, if there are two sofas of the same design, you can try putting them together instead of each side. This will make your place look more spacious.

As for the kitchen area, you need to give special attention to this area. Remodeling a kitchen is a great idea. However, if something cannot be removed, for example, the stove and fridge, leave them and include them in the house price of course. These are the things that everyone needs in their home. So it usually, won’t trouble the buyer. And you can place jars and accessories in one corner to make the kitchen look clean.

6 . Do not cover the faults

Staging is the best way to display the strong points of your building. However, never use it to cover faults and defects. Suppose your walls are in a pretty bad condition and use new paint to cover that it will come out during an inspection for the time being. Paint can cover the lousy condition but no cracks and big damages to the home.

Therefore, if there is something serious with the building structure, you should inform the buyer beforehand because this might cost life and not just money. You might be able to sell your house, but what if some accident occurs with the new buyer? That is why it is important not to hide the facts when home staging.

So with that happy staging and reorganizing!