Do you want to sell your house? Well, that can be quite the task. Most home-sellers wish for the process to go as smoothly as possible, but there is a lot to unpack here. The clock may be ticking,! And any decision made too fast can really have bad results for you, your life, and your general financial and mental wellbeing. 

A recent survey tells us that many tries end in tears. More than 75 percent of the people surveyed, who were selling their homes and houses, had enormous stress. So we want to help in this process. We want to do a short overview of what you need to do and what you need to be aware of when selling your house fast in 2021.

There are multiple routes you may choose on how to sell your house:

  1. Getting a real estate agent that can sell your house but is a costly option
  2. Get a full fast cash out with an investor like
  3. Do it yourself and go into the FSBO process by yourself
  4. Give your house on an auction and get people bidding on the property

The Real Estate Agent

Why do I need a real estate agent?

A real estate agent can be of great help. Selling your house is not an easy process. There is a massive amount of paperwork required, which an agent like this can help. A real estate agent will need to manage the process and all from marketing, negotiation, potential buyers visits, and of course, the final paperwork and legal documents. 

If I hire a real estate agent will I sell my house? 

The process can be a bit uncertain, as you will need to wait for the potential buyers’ final decision. As said, most homes do get. You may also prepare to spend a few days from your house for the potential clients who want to see it, on top of the commissions, escrows, and other unavoidable costs. So this is definitely a sure but costly option and, those commissions and costs will go up front to $40,000 depending on your home.

The Realtor reports that most homes will be sold in 50 to 60 days, but this can go on for longer. But that, of course, will depend on the market and the location. You need to be aware that working with the agent, you will have to deal with your home’s potential issues, all from cleaning up to fixing various things. Be aware the agent will only be able to sell the house in good condition. 

The Investor

Is selling the house to an investor a good idea?

The second option for a fast cash out is finding a small investor or someone like Gordon Buys Homes, where you can find a great way out that is simple and won’t cost you anything. This option doesn’t include any agents, fees, nor too much negotiation. Evaluations are usually fast and straightforward, and a lot of the things you may worry about will be done directly by the person who is buying it. You can choose from a small business that buys a few properties yearly to more prominent companies that can specialize in buying homes in certain areas or price ranges.

Many offer this type of service or, let’s call it, a connection to an investor. But your best bet would be to find someone on your own and especially someone smaller who will maybe give you some advice and put you through the process. If you decide on something like this, you should know that this is the fastest cash option and probably the easiest as with many; you don’t have to clean or fix anything. The potential buyer/investor will take care of it. 

For Sale by Owner

Can I sell my house only on my own?

The FSBO (For Sale by Owner) method, so basically selling your home by yourself, can also be a tad bit tricky, but it’s possible. It’s a viable strategy, but it’s not the fastest option, that’s for sure. If you are selling your home to a buyer who employed an agent, it can be tricky to negotiate the legal world of selling a house. Usually, sales like this go are when you’re selling the house to a friend or a neighbor, so there won’t be too much negotiation. Still, we do recommend having an attorney fix up the final documents, just to be sure that you don’t mess up anything. 

An Auction

The last method would be an auction. Auction may seem a bit tricky to pull out, but if you are looking for a fast way of selling a property, the auction in a legitimate way. Forbes lists some interesting reasons why you should play your luck with an auction. This is a bit risky, but it can also be very profitable. With an auction, you can significantly expose your property on the market and, you can lure in some potential buyers easily.

The sense of urgency can be a great tool for you, as it can generate buzz and you may even get more than you bargained. Of course, you will have ways to protect yourself with the terms you set at the beginning of the auction. The auction process does give you a unique control of the sale. With this, you will also eliminate any negotiation. Be aware that you need to be in a good situation to do this super successfully, and the page has a nice set of rules and instructions on how you can decide if the auction is worth it. 

Selling your house is not an easy job!

You need to learn and lot and figure out what suits you best. How much money can you spend, and how much money you want to earn? This all becomes more complex with the fact that you want to sell your house fast, but still, at the end of the day, it’s up to just you to educate yourself enough to be sure that you won’t regret any of your decisions. Be careful and find google people who can help you decide to go with an investor or an agent, and with that, happy house selling!