how to sell house fast
How to Sell Your House Fast for Top Dollar

It may seem complicated to sell a house for the best price, in reality it comes down to five simple items and on important rule. This is the strategy used by house flippers across the United States to successfully move a property for the best price in the least amount of time possible.


Price your home slightly below the competition, people love a bargain and don’t want to miss out on it. This will often create a bidding war situation and ensures as many buyers as possible make an attempt to purchase a property.

It’s highly counter productive to aim high from the start, it alienates potential buyers and limits the splash your property will make upon entering the marketplace.

Professional Photos

This cannot be stressed enough, people walk homes from their phones and computers these days. They send links to the prospective property to friends and family for their input. Quality photos are a must, the cost is usually in the $200-$400 range and well worth it to better represent your property to potential buyers.


When a potential buyer sees your home you want them to be able to imagine themselves in the house. If they are looking at your family photos and your old sofa in the family room it makes it that much harder for a buyer to visualize themselves in this property.

You wouldn’t want to buy a car with the previous owners belongings in it. You want to see a clean and neat car. The same applies to a home.

4% Commission

Nothing motivates an agent like a better pay day. Often buyers are not aware of all properties on the market and a great agent will lead their buyers towards a property that will net them a higher pay day. You may be paying 1% more in fees to the agent but your likely to close at a higher price and much sooner.

Renovate / Remodel

Nothing sells a house faster than a low price but if you are seeking top dollar nothing sells a house faster than it being clean and newly updated. Potential buyers aren’t looking for a major project. Buying a home is a stressful experience, anything that makes their new home more turn key and ready for them will greatly increase the homes value and speed that it sells.

The best items to focus on for a return on your investment are the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, paint and fixtures. Be sure the landscaping is clean and organized but do not go beyond that with it. Granite counter tops and stainless appliances are a must for the kitchen.

The Golden Rule

NEVER try sell a property with tenants to the general public unless it is an apartment building. Nothing alienates retail buyers faster, the property will not be as clean as it should be and things can get very uncomfortable quickly with the tenants.

It just doesn’t work, the buyer cannot visualize themselves in the property and it requires them to evict a tenant prior to moving in. For a buyer who isn’t a landlord you are asking them to take on a challenging step.


how to sell house fast